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Nunoa Project

Nunoa Project Goals:

  • To give back to the country of Peru for their gift of alpacas to the US and other countries.
  • To make a positive difference in the lives of herders and their families in southern Andes.
  • To exchange information and preserve the rural traditions of herding for future generation.
  • To establish self-sustaining programs in the areas of support for herding families through improved livestock production.
  • To provide educational and research opportunities for students, alpaca farmers and veterinarians in the US and Peru.

Nunoa Project Work in Peru:

  • Peruvian Alpaca Breeding Improvement Program
  • Students and Veterinarians Working in Peru and Student Exchange
  • Alpaca Farmer to Finished Goods Project

Nunoa Project Work in the US:

  • North American Camelid Studies Program
  • Undergraduate Animal Science/Pre-Vet Courses
  • Practical Alpaca Research
  • Education for Veterinarians, Alpaca Owners, and Students

Nunoa Project's work in the US & Peru is financed 100% through the donations of US alpaca farmers like you!

Contact Stephen R. Purdy, DVM at srpurdy@nunoaproject.org or 413-658-7718 if you would like to learn more about the Nunoa Project.