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Spring Spectacular
Three Show, One Venue Format


Ring Set-up

Rings 1 & 2 will have 2 holding areas, one at the entrance and one at the exit (this is explained below). Also rings 1 & 2 will have a rack for ribbon winners to hang their ribbons while they are in the next ring. Rings 3 & 4 would have 1 holding area at the entrance, like the traditional set up. 

Show order

We will have a staggered start so at 8:00 the grey female alpacas will start the show and continue through the color order.  As the grey females end the grey males will start their judging and continue through the color order.  Our hope is that the female rings will keep accelerating thought the color order at a slightly faster pace than males based on smaller numbers so potentially they will become 2 or more color groups ahead of the males.  On Friday the rings would end in a staggered format as well ending on a color group but the hope would be that on Saturday we would start both rings at the same time.


We will just give an example in one gender. To start the show the Grey Juvie males will enter Ring 1 (NAAS Females) under Judge Anderson, she will complete her evaluations, placings and orals. If there were more than 6 alpacas in the class, upon being excused from the ring they will congregate in the exit holding area and wait for orals to finish. After orals are complete handlers with placing alpacas may enter the exit holding area, hang their ribbons on the holding area ribbon rack and all alpacas and handlers can continue to the entrance holding area of Ring 3 (Expo Females) in their original show order as they had been checked in by the gate keeper. Of course if there are not more than 6 alpacas in the original class then when orals are finished the exhibitors hang their ribbons on the rack, get in show order and continue to Ring 3. Here at Ring 3 the handlers wait to be invited into the ring by Judge Kennedy. When they are excused from ring 3 or orals are completed then alpacas can be placed back in their stalls. This process would continue through the color groups  & championships until the show is complete.

Bay State Small Breeders Blast

Ultimately this show's timing will be based on total entries however we can expect that the halter show will run completely through as any AOA show would run, starting at the conclusion of the Exhibitors meeting Friday morning.  What we do not know at this point is how and when the walking fleece competition fits in.  Depending on entries it may run along side the halter show or after.

What is a walking fleece competition?, you ask.  Let us explain.  It really is exactly what it sounds like.  A fleece evaluation while the fleece is still on the alpaca, so no shearing, skirting, rolling, or bagging!  You bring your alpaca in the ring and the judge will do an evaluation of your alpacas fleece, very similar to how they would do it in the fleece room on the table without an evaluation of the alpaca's confirmation.  The show will follow the class combining rules of the level fleece show that the numbers indicate.  So it could very well be both genders in the ring at the same time.  Remember it is only fleece being evaluated not your alpacas frame, so gender means nothing.  We will run classes in the ring as a whole group but this is a written evaluation so if by chance you are in another ring with your alpaca that is no problem, just bring your alpaca back to the ring when you are done and we can do the evaluation then.  If we have a whole class there at the same time we will award ribbons ten on the spot but if by chance we do not then we will call the class back when all the alpacas of that class have been evaluated to award the ribbons.